‘Stem Rot’ – Short story

Gazing forlornly into this smeared mirror, it’s hard to decide whether what I’m looking at is heinously ugly, or something quite magnificent. I’m slightly bemused by the sleek state of my fingernails. They’ve been as jagged as sawblades in years past. In that dwelling as soon as I overheard the faintest creak of the worn-out … Continue reading ‘Stem Rot’ – Short story

Martin Amis – ‘Time’s Arrow’ review

Martin Amis’s ‘Time’s Arrow’ is a gutsy, yet extremely intelligen,t novel that depicts the life of a nazi war criminal in reverse. Published nearly thirty years ago, in 1991, it transcends time and captivates the reader as naturally as death. Over the course of this book: we live the life of a regular doctor living … Continue reading Martin Amis – ‘Time’s Arrow’ review

Steven Galloway – ‘The Cellist of Sarajevo’ review

‘The Cellist of Sarajevo’ is an expertly composed piece of fiction. Published in 2008, Steven Galloway explores themes of war, civilization and humanity, in this sublime stand-alone novel. During this tale, we discover wartime Sarajevo as seen by four fictional characters. There’s a cellist who plays at a bombing site in honour of his fellow … Continue reading Steven Galloway – ‘The Cellist of Sarajevo’ review

Pat Barker – ‘Regeneration’ review

A potent recollection of wartime horrors, Pat Barker’s ‘Regeneration’ encapsulates brilliantly the traumas of war. Written in 1991, ‘Regeneration’ is the first book in a trilogy of war-based novels, but can easily be read as a stand alone piece. During the first world war, thousands of soldiers tragically suffered from shell-shock, amongst other mental illnesses, … Continue reading Pat Barker – ‘Regeneration’ review

Truman Capote – ‘In Cold Blood’ review

‘In Cold Blood’ is a sublime, psychological thriller of a novel. Truman Capote produced this masterpiece in 1965, at the age of 40, and the story still captivates its readers in a trance to this day. Traically; on the 15th November 1959, “the rich and respected Clutter family were brutally murdered in the small Kansas … Continue reading Truman Capote – ‘In Cold Blood’ review

Stephen King – ‘Elevation’ review

Stephen King maintains his father-like status in literature, after having released this gem in 2018. This is a stand alone novel, so if you’re looking for something to transfix you for a couple of hours, then this relatively short piece will certainly satisfy your needs.  The nucleus of this tale revolves around a bizarre condition … Continue reading Stephen King – ‘Elevation’ review

Young Vic – ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ review

A captivating display of the Southern Gothic genre; Tennessee Williams’ ‘A streetcar named desire’ was as exemplary an exhibit of dramaturgy today as it was in 1947, when published, this time at the hands of Benedict Andrews and Nick Wickham. Themes of delusion, desire, gender and so much more, were expertly tackled, along with the … Continue reading Young Vic – ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ review

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