Thoughts #1

Everyday, in the news, we see countless tragic stories of murder, abduction, rape etc. and we think to ourselevs: ‘How do we live with these monsters, I could never do anything as malevolent as that’, and that’s probably correct. We can’t comprehend how some people are, supposedly, pure evil, while there are some people who are of good essence. On the other hand, we can, for some reason, comprehend it within the animal world. Perhaps a domestic tabby cat may look at a lion, think of it as a brutal savage, and be ashamed to be of the same species. The same can be said for other species’, like dogs for example, as a border-collie may well be disgusted at the actions of coyotes and wolves, whereas us humans just accept that they’re a different breed and move on. My question is: why can’t we maintain the same mindset with humans? Perhaps the Ted Bundy’s and the John Wayne Gacy’s of the world are simply a different breed. Although with my example of cats and dogs, the lions and the Wolves are visibly a physically different breed, with humans it may just be that they’re mentally a different breed. Those villains we see on the news are wired differently, psychologically, so there’s no real comparison between them and someone who doesn’t do those things. Maybe it’s how they were raised, or maybe it’s just their nature. We excuse lions killing other creatures, because it’s ‘what they do’, yet there’s zero tolerance for humans. I would never suggest letting them off the hook, but we should stop asking why they do what they do, because it’s simply wired in them from birth. Unfortunately, nobody is safe; neither in the animal kingdom, nor the human one, and that’s just the way it goes.

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