Stephen King – ‘Elevation’ review

Stephen King maintains his father-like status in literature, after having released this gem in 2018. This is a stand alone novel, so if you’re looking for something to transfix you for a couple of hours, then this relatively short piece will certainly satisfy your needs. 

The nucleus of this tale revolves around a bizarre condition that our protagonist, Scott, has acquired. However; this takes him, as well as other members of this small town in Maine (USA), on a voyage of spiritual growth, whilst tackling more modern day social issues. If you’re a veteran of King’s work, then this story won’t leave you with nightmares like they have done in the past, though that doesn’t stop “Elevation” from being an utter masterpiece that’s crawling with literary prowess. 

Personally, I found this novel pretty compelling throughout. I wouldn’t describe it as gripping, and it’s not a book where you’re begging to discover what happens next, however it is expertly written and was certainly never boring. The language utilised permits us to get fairly intimate with the amiable protagonist of Scott, whilst brilliantly portraying that small town ambiance that you can just imagine so vividly. Despite the fact that it’s not a nail-biter, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a very detailed and exquisite plot that unfolds over the course of the read. The illustrations by Mark Edward Geyer create a rather homely feel to the book, and to go with the words that make up this fantastic story, we have quite a superb novella on our hands. The only fault I can muster up is that it’s not as thrilling as one may like from a read, and is more mundane than some of his other work. However I don’t think this deters, at all, from the fact that it’s an excellent story with a strong, morally uplifting tone. 

In terms of my recommendations, I would recommend this novel to anyone who’s looking for a one-off tale that captivates the imagination, whilst liberating you from the shackles of everyday life by allowing you to escape into something really quite entertaining. If you’re one of those people who is looking for horror, (like a lot of King’s work) then this probably isn’t for you, but to everyone else I doubt you’d be disappointed. 


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